What is movingtostockholm.com?

After meeting my (Swedish) girlfriend in the US in 2011, and frequenting Sweden for nearly two years using only a travel visa, I decided it was time to apply for a more permanent stay in Sweden with a residence permit. In October of 2013 while visiting Sweden I began researching the exact process of applying for a residence permit. Unfortunately the state sponsored webpages fall short when it comes to proper explanations regarding the visa/ residence permit application process. With little or no detailed information on Migrationsverket, Skatteverket, etc. I searched through social channels and managed to find a few good places with much better information – with this blog I hope my first hand experiences can provide much needed clarity for anyone outside of the EU interested in applying for a residence permit/ visa in Sweden. Applying for a visa was a completely new process for me and I managed to navigate the system without issue. With each new post I will cover a step in the application process (from start to finish). Here is a brief preview of the upcoming blog posts and topics to be discussed:


1.) First steps – introduction to Migrationsverket, application types, tips for applying, additional thoughts

2.) What happens next? – what to expect after you apply, waiting times, additional thoughts

3.) The interview – visiting a consulate or mission abroad, what the interview consists of, what to expect, additional thoughts

4.) Decision time – how you receive the decision, how to check the status, helpful tips, additional thoughts

5.) Arriving in Sweden – what to do when you receive the visa, what happens when you arrive in Sweden, additional thoughts

6.) The person number – attaining a person number, Skatteverket, helpful tips, additional thoughts

7.) SFI clases – what is SFI, how to apply, additional thoughts

8.) Working in Sweden – Arbetsförmedlingen, other options, additional thoughts

9.) General commentary on life in Sweden – additional thoughts


Feel to make a suggestion regarding a post or ask a relevant question.




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