Introducing a New Perspective

2015-08-28 20.03.17

Södermalm as seen from a rooftop. 

In June 2014, just a few months after launching Moving to Stockholm, I received an email from Meredith who had stubbled across the blog while searching for better information about attaining residency in Sweden. Following her initial email, for the next several weeks we went back and forth discussing Sweden, Stockholm, residency, work, and everything in between.

Fast forward a few months and eventually she arrived in Stockholm (by way of New York City) on a tourist visa to see if it actually was a place worth moving across the Atlantic, ultimately deciding to stay and give the Nordics a go!

As we have become good friends over the past two years I invited Meredith to share her experience attaining a work visa in Sweden. While our experiences were vastly different, we were each still granted residency. I hope publishing additional perspectives will continue to add value to those interested in moving to Sweden.

In the coming weeks look forward to more frequently updated content from Meredith and I – ranging from our fun experiences as expatriates abroad, to stories from the Swedish office, to our favourite places in and around Stockholm.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for articles – feel free to contact me.